About Gift Voucher Manager

Gift Voucher Manager provides your venue with the opportunity to promote and sell electronic and postal gift vouchers directly from your website.

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Gift Voucher Manager allows you to set up general cash value and gift experience packages such as spa, treatment, and restaurant vouchers. There is no limit to the number of vouchers that can be created and all vouchers are uniquely designed for your venue. Vouchers can be set to be valid for one day or 12 months, but you have the ability to set any validity period on the system along with the specific terms and conditions of each voucher. Every voucher has a unique ID and QR Code which can be scanned at the redemption point and will automatically update the system.
As part of the Gift Voucher Manager package we will create a voucher microsite in line with your company branding to promote all your gift vouchers. Your existing web provider can then add a ‘Gift Vouchers’ link on your main navigation, which will click through to it. The microsite is optimised for search, easy social media sharing and is mobile friendly.
We will provide a dedicated Account Manager to work with you on an on-going basis to grow voucher sales across all areas of your business. They will also ensure that your team are fully trained and supported. The Gift Voucher Manager system also facilitates 'zero value' vouchers so that you are able to accurately track all your marketing campaigns.
The Gift Voucher Manager system has full reporting facilities so you can analyse at any point; sales versus redemptions, revenue, most popular voucher types against any time period.
Our dedicated customer support team are hand to assist your customers through the voucher purchase journey. They will deal with all front-line voucher enquires and ensure that your customer receives the best advice regarding their voucher purchase. Our support lines are open Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 17:30.
We will work with you to set-up an Internet Merchant and Gateway account that will allow you to make transactions over the Internet. If your venue already has these accounts we will integrate Gift Voucher Manager as part of the on-boarding process. Voucher payments are paid directly into your nominated bank account less your transaction and commission fees.
The Gift Voucher Manager system facilitates the sales and redemption of physical vouchers as well as eVouchers. These vouchers are printed with unique reference numbers and QR codes in the same way as eVouchers. Any requests for postal vouchers will be dispatched from customer support team. For onsite sales we can provide you with a batch of pre-printed vouchers with unique codes that your team can activate upon sale.

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