Gift Voucher Manager Features

The Gift Voucher Manager platform is Cloud based and easily integrated into your own website. The system has been designed with both the venue and end-user customer in mind. On the venue side vouchers can be set-up within a matter of minutes and the redemption process on-site is achieved through a simple QR code scan. On the consumer side the purchasing stages are clearly defined and payments are taken securely through a merchant gateway (SagePay, Secure Trading or Paypal). Vouchers can be presented at the venue either through a mobile device or as a printout.

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Key Features

No limit to the number of gift vouchers, offers and packages available.

Seamless integration into your website.

The choice to purchase either an electronic of postal voucher.

Links with PayPal, Secure Trading & SagePay for secure online payments.

All vouchers can be extended, redeemed, revoked or cancelled.

Manage voucher allocation to cap limited special offers.

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